August 22, 2006

Puerto Gallera, Part Deux

I spent the three-day long weekend in Puerto Gallera. This is my second time there this year, but tis time I went there with my officemates. As usual I have my share of welts from jellyfish stings, and I even scraped my big toe raw on some sharp corals, but the weekend was a blast.

We stayed in White Beach this time, and the place we got was nice and comfy. And cheap too - a two-room house with kitchen, living room, TV, ref and stove for PhP 2000/day.

I spent a lot of time at the beach when I was there. We had fun frolicking at the surf (big ones, as the weather was kinda rough), and since the sky was overcast most of the time, we were able to do away with sunblock most of the time. Less glop, more beach time. We also went snorkeling, braving the slight drizzle and the big waves to go to a snorkeling spot near Muelle, giving me a chance to try out my new Speedo snorkel/mask set. I think I'm pretty rusty with skin diving
though, as I'm having trouble diving to more than 10 feet and equalizing. I'm think I should go back to practive skin diving some more. Hmm, when's the next 3-day weekend?

Top photo: These are my welts that resulted from jellyfish stings. Also shown is my toe scraped raw by a coral that won't move when I did a flutter kick.

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