April 22, 2012

Jetskiing in Canyon Cove

Canyon Cove is a typical beach resort, located in Nasugbu,Batangas, about 3 hours away from Manila. It is where my company held its annual summer outing during the weekend. 

As a de rigueur for beach resorts, it has a huge pool area, a cluster of buildings for guest accommodations, and the beach, which faces West Philippine Sea and is protected by a cove. 

An implement of equipment are available for the guests, including a banana boat, several kayaks, and jet skis. The latter is something I haven't tried yet, so I saw the perfect opportunity to ride in one. Since it was my first time, an instructor rode with me; I was also allowed to take one more passenger. The 20-minute ride (which set me back PhP 2000) was exhilarating, as there were big waves in the sea and the jet ski would lurch and jump over them when I slice through. It was like riding in a scooter, only that it was on a sea and I'm wearing a lifejacket instead of a helmet.

As it was in the middle of the summer the resort was packed, mostly by employees of companies who are doing team-building activities in the place. I'm not exactly a big fan of beach resorts, but the day's activities were fun. 

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