October 4, 2011

Holidaying with the Lads, it’s not just for youngsters!

When you hear of a man going on holiday “with the lads” the same old image will be conjured up in most people’s heads – drinking, clubbing and a lot of rowdy behaviour. This is the stereotypical view of the typical lads’ holiday and as such they have been given a bad reputation. The thing is though lads’ holidays don’t always have to be like this and there is a huge variety of getaways for men that don’t have to involve beer and rolling back to the hotel at dawn! If you and your group of friends would like to plan a (sensible) break away that won’t have your wives and girlfriends raising their eyebrows, then why not consider one of the following for your getaway? 

Golfing breaks – If you and your friends like to play golf (or you would all like to learn) then a golfing break is the perfect way to relax and unwind with friends whilst doing something you enjoy and keeping active. Many people find this a real treat as during the year work and family commitments might make it challenging to get a few consecutive days where you can do pretty much as you please and with this type of break you get just that. Many of the golf clubs around Europe offer accommodation and getaway packages so you can return home feeling refreshed after your time away. 

City breaks – If you are not into the idea of spending your holiday drinking and lying in the sun then a city break is the perfect choice for those groups who want to experience the culture of the place they are visiting. City breaks in Europe are really easy to get to and mean that you can be on your way to your destination and ready to start having fun without having to take a long haul flight. This is therefore a great choice if you are in a group of friends who have jobs and do not have much spare time. 

Spa breaks (don’t laugh!) – Before you dismiss these out of hand, spa breaks are not just for the girls. Many spas now tailor packages that are just for men and can help to treat things like sporting injuries with sports massages and treatments that will help you feel invigorated and relaxed (it’s not all manicures and waxing!). A spa break on a quiet Mediterranean island will completely melt away any stress from your daily life and could be just the ticket for a group of stressed out guys! Budget airlines means that getting to places is now easier than ever and you will be able to get abroad relatively inexpensively. At the end of the day you can make your holiday with your friends as relaxing or as adrenaline filled as you like. If you need to work out how you are all going to get to the airport then you might like to consider looking into airport parking. This will cut the cost of your holiday even further as you will be able to split the parking bill which will work out cheaper than if you were all to buy train tickets (leaving you extra money for your beers, sorry spa treatments!) 

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