June 1, 2011

Gastronomic Adventure

Finding food in Bangkok can be an adventure in itself. The city has a smorgasbord of food choices, from five-star dining to exotic choices that can be bought from food carts that line the streets. 

The first Thai dish that I had upon arriving is a piping hot bowl of authentic tom yung goong soup, at the MBK mall in downtown Bangkok.

Khao San road also has plenty of authentic Thai food around it, beside the cornucopia of restos serving banana pancakes and muesli for the farangs. 

While walking around the weekend market of Chatuchak we chanced upon a food cart selling the most exotic of food there is - fried grubs and insects. The adventurous part of me tried the fried locusts, but I could not bear chowing down on those succulent brown grubs (unless maybe if paired with a icy cold bottle of Singha beer...)

One tip for the newly initiated though: when ordering, keep in mind that they do mean it when they say "hot chili."
pics, from top: a bowl of authentic tom yung goong soup; fried insects at Chatuchak; a small stall in Khao San selling vegetarian food

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