July 8, 2010

Launching Pad

A few years ago a cousin of mine told me about the supposedly top-secret project of then President Ferdinand Marcos to develop a rocket or missile indigenously. The name of the rocket is Bongbong 1. I was incredulous when I heard about it (until today) when I remembered the story and did some googling. There's a thread at timawa.net that has some pictures of the launching of the rockets/missiles (pics above).

What I unearthed is that there is actually a program in the 70s, called Santa Barbara Project, that attempted to develop a Philippine-made rocket, and the launching pad of the missiles/rockets was in Caballo Island. I took a picture of the island last January when I visited Corregidor (below):

Caballo Island , together with Corregidor and Fort Drum islands, has fortifications and were important to the defense of Manila Bay during the World War II.

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