April 5, 2010

Zip It

Day 2 of my trip to Singapore/KL was spent in the tourist trap popularly known as Sentosa, an island resort guarding the mouth of Keppel Harbour.

The island - which is like Ricky Martin's girlfriend (all made up) - has various attractions: an artificial beach called Palawan (with white sand flown in from Palawan, hence the name), another beach called Siloso, an oceanarium, a zip line and the Flowrider, a surfing pool powered by artificial waves, among others.

We did take the 450-meter zipline, which terminates in a small islet that is billed to be the southernmost part of continental Asia. There was also a parajump, in which you, equipped with a harness attached to a pulley system, jump from a 5-storey platform.

The attraction that I enjoyed the most is the FlowRider, which is a bit more difficult that how it actually looks in the picture.

How to Get there: Sentosa is accessible via public transport, just take a bus or train to Harbour Front, then a monorail will take you to the island (SG$ 3 for entrance, payable using the E-Z link card if you don't want to line up). The rides and attractions cost about SG$ 47 for 3 attractions of your choice . Food and drink extra.

pics, from top: the ziplines terminating to an islet, me jumping off a 5-storey parajump platform, dangling over Siloso beach in a zipline, riding the FlowRider.

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