April 27, 2010

Meet You in St. Louis

I'm in St. Louis, Missouri for a month on a work-related trip. Arriving on a Saturday (landed in the middle of tornado-induced heavy rains), I have two days to take a quick look around town before work. On Saturday night, my colleagues brought me to a place called The Loop at Delmar Ave, which has countless bars and shops dotting the street. We went to Blueberry Hill, a music lounge owned by Chuck Berry.

On Sunday I went to downtown riding the Metrolink - a light-rail system that traverses the city, from Lambert Airport all the way to the Illinois side of the river. After a quick trip to Macy's - I have to buy a couple of shirts after Delta Airlines lost my luggage in Detroit - I took the train again and went as far as Laclede's Landing and caught a glimpse of the 630-ft tall Gateway Arch - the tallest monument in the United States.

pics, from top: the Gateway arch, downtown St. Louis, the Sheraton Hotel

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