July 22, 2009

Shanghai, Day 2

Day Two in Shanghai was spent at work and play. In the morning, me and the rest of the AstroSoc team made a dry run with the equipment and practiced taking some shots at the sun. We did the practice at a park in front of the hostel, which attracted a few gawkers and curious stares.
After having breakfast at a local noodle house (a bowl of beef noodles, 10 yuan, Pepsi, 4 yuan), we took a nap then I went to the Shanghai office of Emerson to meet some colleagues at work. After the meet-and-greet, I went back to the hostel to fetch my companions. Destination: Pudong district.
Pudong is Shanghai's financial center, and most of the skyscrapers are found there. We took the Metro from Lubang to Century Avenue, then took a quick taxi ride to Shanghai World Financial Center, a 101-storey, 492-meter supertall. It is the second highest building in the world, and the highest completed building by roof.

We got our tickets for entrance to the observation deck located at the 100th floor (110 yuan) and then made our way to the top. The sight, needless to say, is amazing.

Visible from the view deck are the 468-meter Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the 421-meter Jin Mao supertall, among others. We waited until sundown so we can see Shanghai's skyline at night.

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