March 11, 2009


The trip to Singapore was an afterthought when I made plans to go to KL, hence the overnight stay (I already booked my roundtrip Manila-KL ticket before I thought of going there). I was quite sceptical if I would like Singapore, with its reputation of being a gum-banning, sanitized society ("Disneyland with a death penalty"). 

My friends Ags and Fred fetched me at Changi airport when I landed at about 9pm, and taking the MRT, went to Clarke Quay right away.

Clarke Quay is a party place, full of bars and restaurants, and lots of party animals imbibing SG$15 beers and dancing the night away. After a dinner of satay, we went to Clinic bar, which has wheelchairs for sitting and drinks presented in IV bags

After a night of merrymaking, Ags and Fred brought me to my hostel (Tresor Inn) just around Bugis area. My stay there wasn't particularly pleasant. The place is OK, and the facilities are adequate, but the person staying below my bunk smelled really bad, and since the room has AC, he stank up the whole place. I slept with the covers fashioned into a makeshift gas mask.

With only until noon to see the city before my flight back to KL, I went to see the Esplanade and the Merlion. Unfortunately, the statue was hit by a lightning and it was covered in scaffolding for repairs.  After lingering for half an hour there, I went to the Fitness First gym in One Raffles Quay to take a shower, then took the subway to Changi Airport.  

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