December 3, 2008

A Beach and a Cold Place

Me and my friends from the UP Astronomical Society - Jed, Charm and Syg - went up to San Juan, La Union to surf last weekend (three-day holiday!), and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the size of the waves - up to 9 feet.  

I raring to go and catch some but alas, there was a surfing tournment when we got there so we have to hire a jeepney to Bacnotan (yes, the cement plant), about 20 minutes further north. Since it would cost us 600 pesos to hire one to haul us and the boards, we rounded up other people,  two Swede girls and two more locals, to share the bill. We got to Bacnotan around 3pm, just about when the sun is almost starting to set.  And we made up for lost time. Jed, a first time surfer, did two hours. I also surfed for 2 hours, and I was quite satisfied by the rides that I managed to make. 

By the time we went back to San Juan we were all famished, and all had heavy dinners - steaks and all - at Midway Grill, which is another 10 minute jeepney ride in San Fernando. We're supposed to go back to Manila that night but decided to swing by Baguio early in the morning.

We woke up like really early - 4:30 - to catch a bus on a night trip from Laoag to Baguio, and the trip to the city of pines was just under two hours. Since Charm had to be back to Manila by 7pm, we have to leave by 11 am, so with three hours to kill, we went to Camp John Hay for breakfast (Mile-Hi Diner). 

Baguio is a bit chilly this time of year, and I've been walking around in my boardies and a T-shirt.  After spending some time there taking pictures, we went to the public market downtown to pick up some fresh strawberries and jams. 

(pics: surfing with the Bacnotan cement plant on the background [Charm on the left]; a store on the side of the road halfway between La Union and Baguio; strawberries in the Baguio public market) 

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