November 15, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

I went to the Manila Ocean Park with my colleagues from St. Louis this Saturday. I thought I'm not going to be impressed much because I figured that since I dive, I've basically seen lots of sea cratures in the wild, but boy I was wrong.

The park, just behind Quirino Grandstand in Luneta (and beside Museong Pambata and the US Embassy) was very crowded with kids and students and we have to stand in line to get tickets (400 pesos for adults), but it was all worth it. 

Although there are some unfinished sections, the displayed creatures are quite stunning: crocodiles, lion fishes, a multitude of rays and sharks, countless varieties of fishes - groupers, jacks, lionfish, batfish, etc - and I even saw a Tridacna gigas. I saw for the first time sea horses what aren't dead or dried (dried seahorses are considered lucky charms from where I came from). 

I also saw rock fishes (ugly buggers) and several kinds of eels, the weirdest ones are the ribbon eels and the garden eels.

(Pardon with the pics, somebody borrowed my camera so I used my iPhone to take pics) 

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From: LEIGH said...

nice pics...kintoy punta rin ako diyan at kukuha ng pics para post ko sa blog ko hehehe btw, may kinuha akong pics sa friendster mo ha....mwah take care kintoy....