June 10, 2008

Surf Trip

I went surfing last weekend with some friends of mine. We took a bus early Saturday morning to San Juan, La Union, and we arrived there around noon. We stayed at San Juan Surf Resort, just like previously.

We came about a month before the surfing season starts, so the waves are kinda flat (at most 2 feet), but we made do. I was joking to James that maybe we did not please the surf gods with virgin sacrifices, that's why the waves are pathetic.

I also noticed that the jellyfishes are quite numerous this time of year - my itchy welts attest to that.

Jellyfish stings aren't the only mini-disasters that we encountered. En route I lost my Gap cap when I fell asleep on the bus. Grrr.

Despite those things, it was a great weekend nonetheless. And I couldn't wait for July to arrive. Hopefully I won't forget about bringing some virgins to sacrifice too.

(pic: Charm on the left, me on the other side. Great background - it was after it rained, around 5pm)

1 comment:

charmie said...

love this pic.... :D

kaya lang dami tao sa background... di tuloy sya wow at one glance... :D