June 11, 2008

Sea Lice

Finally I was able to nail what has been afflicting me all these years - the strange itchy rashes that I get whenever I go into the water. Usually they are preceded by painful (somewhat like pinpricks) stings, which will turn into itchy red welts that last for weeks and would leave discoloration on my skin. I usually attribute them to jellyfish, even if most of time I don't see any.

I just found out that those rashes are caused by sea lice, which are jellyfish larvae, and they cause seabathers' eruption. And thanks to my friend Sharon, who told me about a local sunblock that can prevent jellyfish stings, I can now enjoy the sea without having to worry me looking like I had a bad case of body acne.

Additional note:

According to Wikipedia:

Seabather's eruption is also an issue in various parts in Anilao and Mindoro in the Philippines. This typically occurs within 30 ft. below surface, just above the coral reefs. Snorkelers are most prone because of their proximity to the surface. Scuba divers encounter less of this, and usually in shore dives. The occurrence of stinging is highly probable whenever plankton is abundant.


รถ said...

Now that there's a sunblock remedy, there's no reason for me to not totally envy you, right?! What has happened to my life? No volcanoes, no coral reefs, no surf? I guess I've traded it with sweat-free days and cockroach-free nights, huh?!

Can you get me a job that will support such vices? You think they'd need a call-centre person with Badisch accent? ;P

Kin Enriquez said...

Foreign language support pays big, >35k a month I think. And they are always in demand.

IBM Daksh in Makati has German-speaking agents I think.