April 22, 2008

Taking a Dip in the River

My family went to have a quick dip on the river located beside our farm.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


charmie said...

kuya kin where to?
was thinking of your cam when we were in bolong nung sat... :( hehehe kasi we tried to go to the nearby islands....the view from the banca was great pero walang cam...hmpf! :( takot akong dalhin cam ko...

check my multiply for my going home pix this weekend... http://charmie04.multiply.com/

umuwi ka din pala hehe

Kin said...

Hi Charm,

These were taken in our farm in Kabasalan. I went home last Apr 17.

I havent been to the beach in Bolong waaa. I wanted to go to Sta. Cruz din pero wala nang time