April 8, 2008

Bolinao, Hundred Islands and San Juan

I went out of town with friends from UP Astronomical Society last weekend (a three-day weekend, owing to the National Heroes Day being moved to Monday) .

First stop was Bolinao, in Pangasinan, about 6 hours from Manila. We stayed overnight, after visiting the lighthouse and swimming in a beach. I was able to test my Olympus 795SW taking underwater pics (it worked perfectly!). 

On Sunday, we took a van to Alaminos, where the Hundred Islands is located. We rented a boat, which took us island hopping. We were able to snorkel in two of the islands - one where the Coral Gardens is - it is a incubator for corals and giant clams. We were also able to rent kayak and went to explore the limestone islets around the big ones. We had a mini-disaster when James left his wallet in one of the caves (lost 2,500pesos and ATMs), and ruined his cellphone when water seeped in the bag where he stowed it. 

We stayed in Alaminos until about 5:30 in the afternoon. After taking a van to Dagupan (some of our companions went ahead and went back to Manila) we - James, Charms, me and Reg - decided to go to San Juan in La Union to surf. We arrived almost midnight, and we were fortunate enough to get a room for 4 at Sebay Resort - fan only, with bunk beds and a common shower - for PhP1,100 a night.

The waves are not very large (1.5-2 feet) so the surfing was so-so, although I had fun watching James try. :P 

(pics: kayaking with Jed at Coral Island, skin diving in Hundred Islands, giant clams, surfing in San Juan, Charms surfing) 

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