May 15, 2006

Morbid Thoughts and Otherwise at 31,000 feet

I've been musing over a lot of things on my flight back to Manila.

- I think this is my first time to take an Airbus A320. Usually the airlines that serve the Manila-Zamboanga route use the smaller Boeing 737 or the McDonnel-Douglas DC9. The larger Airbus is a welcome change, as it has a bigger cabin, wider seats and it even has LCD monitors. Alas, no in-flight movies.

- The food that the airlines are serving these days are becoming worse. Before you'd get a variety of refreshments and a decent piece of brownies or cake, and once Cebu Pacific even served hot food (when the flight was delayed way beyond lunch). Now, it's just a package of chips (French onion and seaweed flavored peanut crackers) and a small cup of artificially-flavored juice. Why on earth somebody would want to eat seaweed flavored legumes is a mystery I cannot fathom at this point. What's next? Spinach, liver and tripe-flavored crackers?

- During takeoff there was a strange creaking noise emanating from somewhere. I was imagining that the plane will disintegrate in mid-flight or something...

- The weather was kinda rough, owing to the typhoon that recently passed over the Philippines. The flight was rough and the seatbelt sign was on almost throughout.

- The in-flight demonstration of safety procedures still cracks me up. It reminds me of that Foo Fighters video I saw on MTV a few years back.

- As always, I have the window seat again. I think this is an unconscious effort for me to always demand for a window seat. Maybe it's because I'd rather peer out the window and watch the small dots of islands surrounded by aquamarine waters go by than read for the nth time the admonitions of the flight safety card.

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