April 28, 2006

Hello, goodbye.

Today I signed the job offer - as a technical writer - from a Fortune 500 company that has an office in Ortigas. This was the culmination of almost a month long application process that I went through - from the initial interview to the conference call to the US office, to the psych exam and IELTS. The offer has been more than generous, and I did not hesitate for a second to accept it.

In the afternoon I tendered my resignation to PC Buyer's Guide, my soon-to-be former employer. I like my work there as a technical writer, but the fact that I don't get paid for my overtime work and that the company did not report me as an employee to the SSS drove me to seek another employment. The last transgression is actually a criminal one, my former roommate, who is a lawyer, told me. It's a violation of the Social Security law and is punishable by imprisonment. Maybe I should repprt the matter to the autorities. Hmm.

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