March 17, 2011

A Blogger's Dozen: Thirteen Trip Thoughts

Recapping the trip while at 29,000 feet and eating airline food:

- I wish that I brushed up on my Spanish. I have met a lot of Spanish-speaking folks during this trip. My roommates in the hostel were an Argentine and a Brazilian couple (yeah, but Portuguese is close) across the hall are Puerto Ricans, the group eating next to me at Mama Empanada are Dominicanos, and during the cruise to Liberty Island a group of Spaniards started to chat me up when I mentioned that I'm from "Filipinas." I just wish that my Spanish wasn't that rusty. I can barely understand every other word they are saying.

- I am actually glad that I took a side trip to New York. I'm suppose to fly back after my 2-week stint in St. Louis, which was the day the tsunami hit Japan, and I'm flying through Narita (which was closed right after the earthquake).

- I always get complemented on my (excellent) English. I think Mrs. Mejorada, my English teacher in high school, would be pleased.

- a cheap prepaid cellphone from AT&T ($14.99, with $15 worth of credits!) can quickly solve the arm-and-a-leg conundrum presented by international roaming.

- the iPad is a great travel device (I'm blogging now using it)

- If in the States, go to the nearest Starbucks if you need a free WiFi connection (thanks again, AT&T). You don't need to buy a latte; just stand outside and connect to the network.

- I got my Jetsetter badge from Foursquare!

- I was teary-eyed when viewing the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I sometimes still can't believe that I used to see those artworks in only in Humanities books. That mask from Benin was actually as creepy as it appeared in the book.

- Viewing Van Gogh's Irises is an experience akin to a religious one.

- It's always a good feeling to be mistaken for a local. Somebody actually asked me for directions in St. Louis and in New York.

- it's nice to meet new and old friends while abroad (Paul and Christine, Alberto, Melo and Romel, Eugene, Hugh)

- It is OK to mix business and pleasure in a trip. Just take care of the business part first - you won't have to worry about it during the pleasure part, and you'll be assured that you'll still have a job when you get back.

- After staying in Kansas for a week, I can never fathom why Dorothy even wanted to go back

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